Wargaming has deep roots in history, but how does historical research inform wargames design? In this episode, host James Holloway talks to Giacomo Santopietro of Sir Chester Cobblepot Games and Gianluca Raccagni of the Edinburgh University History and Games Lab to talk about The Fall of the King (currently on Kickstarter), the first games project to come out of the History and Games Lab.

General view of the Fall of the King box set
Close view of some of the counters

Mentioned in this episode: 

The Fall of the King on Kickstarter: kickstarter.com/projects/tophatgames/the-fall-of-the-kingtm
Gianluca Raccagni’s blog posts about The Fall of the King: tophat.games/blog
Cobblepot Games website: cobblepotgames.com
Top Hat Games website: tophat.games History and Games Lab Facebook page: facebook.com/historygamesedinburgh