The Edinburgh History and Games Lab Podcast features discussions with game creators, historians, heritage professionals and more about games, history, and the places where they meet.

General view of the Fall of the King box set

Episode 2: The Fall of the King with Gianluca Raccagni and Giacomo Santopietro

In this episode, host James Holloway talks to Giacomo Santopietro of Sir Chester Cobblepot Games and Gianluca Raccagni of the Edinburgh University History and Games Lab.

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Episode 1: History and Role-playing Games with Jon Hodgson (Beowulf: Age of Heroes) and Davide Mana (Brancalonia: The Spaghetti Fantasy Role-Playing Game)

In this episode, hosts Gianluca Raccagni and James Holloway spoke with Jon Hodgson of Handiwork Games and Davide Mana of Acheron Books.

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