Welcome to the History and Games Society, the student-run group within the University of Edinburgh’s History and Games Lab! Here, we foster a growing community of students across the university who meet, talk, play, and design games. Our main events include game nights, seminars, design workshops, and game jams! Come say hi and join in at any of our events throughout the year, we look forward to meeting you!

Our mission statement is to create a friendly community of game lovers in Edinburgh, not only to play and talk about our favorite games, but also to get students actively involved in the wide world of game design. As part of our monthly game nights, we will be hosting playtests and feedback for student-led game projects – meaning that each month there will be a chance for members to try out games made by their peers, as well as to get valuable feedback on any game they may be producing.

Furthermore, the society serves as a port-of-call for students of all backgrounds to access the History and Games Lab. This means an opportunity for students to develop, publish, and market their own games. The Lab is also a place for students, faculty, and industry professionals to meet, network, and cooperate!

Whether you want to play, test, talk, or make games, we are
excited to welcome you to the History and Games Society!

Find us at:

Facebook: @HandGSoc

Twitter: @HandGSoc

Instagram: @ediunihandgsoc