The Edinburgh History and Games Lab Podcast features discussions with game creators, historians, heritage professionals and more about games, history, and the places where they meet.

Episode 5: Interview with Roberta Taylor (designer of the tabletop game Creature Comforts)

In this episode, veteran game designer Roberta Taylor (Octopus' Garden, Creature Comforts) joins host Eduard Gafton to discuss cozy and historical games alike, the role of history in making games and the compromises made between historical accuracy and game design.

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Episode 4: Interview with Joshua Gillingham (designer of the card game Althingi)

In this episode, game designer and author Joshua Gillingham (Althingi, The Gatewatch) joins new podcast host and producer Eduard Gafton to discuss the making of Althingi, working with crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and share advice for game creators everywhere.

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Episode 3: Interview with Lew Pulsipher (author of the boardgame Britannia)

In this episode, veteran game designer Lew Pulsipher (Britannia, Stalingrad Besieged, Dragon Rage and many more) joins James and Gianluca to discuss creating historical games, how gamers have changed over the decades, and how creating games is as much about what you leave out as what you include.

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General view of the Fall of the King box set

Episode 2: The Fall of the King with Gianluca Raccagni and Giacomo Santopietro

In this episode, host James Holloway talks to Giacomo Santopietro of Sir Chester Cobblepot Games and Gianluca Raccagni of the Edinburgh University History and Games Lab.

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Episode 1: History and Role-playing Games with Jon Hodgson (Beowulf: Age of Heroes) and Davide Mana (Brancalonia: The Spaghetti Fantasy Role-Playing Game)

In this episode, hosts Gianluca Raccagni and James Holloway spoke with Jon Hodgson of Handiwork Games and Davide Mana of Acheron Books.

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