The History and Games Network supports projects that include historical research as well as game design projects with partners in the games industry. This is a selection of our past and current projects.

Past and Current Research Projects

Dr. David Silkenat: Replay America. This is current research project that explore the representation of American history in video games.

Past and Current Game Design Projects

Lion Rampant: The Crusader States: this is a collaboration with game designer Daniel Mersey, which produced an expansion forLion Rampant: Medieval Wargaming Rules.

Lion Rampant: The Crusader States

Ventura Battle System: The Fall of the King: This is a collaboration with Cobblepot Games and Top Hat Games. The Fall of the King is a wargame that re-enacts episodes of the Battle of Fossalta of 1249. It is the first installment of the Ventura Battle System, which is a set of wargaming rules set in Medieval and Renaissance Italy.

Ventura Battle System: The Fall of the King